It may seem that Andrew Burzynski was destined to enter the dental field since he literally “grew up” in a denturist clinic. His grandfather, grandmother and father are denturists and have been actively involved in the profession not only owning and serving patients in their own clinics but also with their professional associations. These gentlemen have been leaders in their state as well as the National Association, USA and International Federation of Denturists. Andrew expressed how he remembers the dedication of his parents who worked diligently promoting the ballot initiative in Oregon attempting to advance the denturist profession there. He remembers the thrill and family celebration when the initiative passed.

So Andrew, you might say was “born into the profession.” However, even though he has enormous love for his parents, he believes his choice to enter the denturist field is his own, chosen because of his respect for the profession and for the service it provides.

This choice obviously required college but before starting college he was delighted when Joe Vize, a denturist and family friend, invited him to work in his clinic getting some hands-on experience in the laboratory. This experience has proven valuable. After much consideration he is very pleased he chose Northern Alberta Technical Institute. He states this college more than exceeded his expectations. He appreciates their policy of student input, the education is excellent. The classroom experience is perfect for him and the opportunity for patient care in an academic setting is awarding him the needed education in order to start his career as a competent denturist.

He states his goal is to practice in Oregon in his own clinic and become involved in his professional associations and ultimately be part of the leadership and be part of promoting the profession that he loves and respects.