When the name Tad Burzynski is mentioned in denturist’s circles worldwide it would be difficult to find anyone who did not know who you were talking about. Tad has literally been involved all his life. His first introduction was as a youngster working in his father’s office….. doing scrub work at first but eventually through OJT doing relines and repairs. However, this was an aside job and not his profession of choice so after graduating from Umpqua Community College he worked in the lumber industry. Even though this was enjoyable work he realized a future in the lumber industry was a bit unpredictable. By this time he was married and children were part of his plans so he sought a career with more opportunity and security. Having worked with his father and seeing his success and the potential for a career in an industry in which he was familiar and enjoyed he sought advice from his father and other denturists. Ultimately, choosing a career as a denturist was an easy one; he has not looked back. His preparation to become a denturist was unique in that he believed having experience as a dental hygienist would be beneficial so he received his degree and license as a dental hygienist as well as a denturist. He split his time working as a hygienist for two dentists and operating a mobile denturist practice serving elderly residents in assisted living and nursing home communities. His goal was to eventually establish a private denturist practice which he did in 1993 when he and his wife DeeDee moved to Bend, Oregon, and opened The Denture In. Their well-respected practice has flourished; they enjoy reciprocal referrals to and from several oral surgeons and dentists in Bend and they will soon celebrate 25 years of service. Tad has been totally immersed in his career and the denturist professional associations and is the first to proudly admit he is fortunate that his wife, DeeDee is just as committed. Together they have worked as a team as leaders in the Oregon State Denturist Association (OSDA), The National Denturist Association, USA (NDA, USA) and the International Federation of Denturists. Tad, as his father, has served as president of the OSDA and NDA, USA. He has served on the boards of these organizations accepting various positions and has been active in organizing and participating in state, national and international conferences and activities. He has served as the U.S. delegate to The International Federation of Denturists.

Tad has always encouraged professionalism and education and even though educated and licensed, when the opportunity arose to receive a denturist diploma from George Brown College, he and fellow Oregonian denturist, Shawn Murray, attended and were graduated. He is proud of this earned diploma. He has been an outspoken advocate promoting education and professionalism encouraging denturists to proudly take their place as healthcare providers in their communities. His vision is to see that every U.S. citizen has the choice to visit a denturist in their own neighborhood for their prosthetic dental needs. Tad and DeeDee are very proud of their two grown sons, Ryan and Andrew (Andrew will soon be graduated from denturist college) and most proud of Kyle. Tad says, “Even though he was with us for only three years, Kyle lived a happy life. He gave me an outlook on life…..how short it is and how you never know what is going to happen…….Kyle, stricken with Fanconi Anemia, had everything in the world going against him, but it never stopped him from accomplishing things impossible for him. His life was influential in terms of what I do and how I try to do it….with energy, honesty and integrity.” Kyle was an inspiration to everyone who was fortunate to know him for the three short years of his life and see his bright smile and feel his happy demeanor. He will always be remembered as part of our denturist family! The National Denturist Association, USA is fortunate that Tad has agreed to continue his leadership role as a member of the board of directors. His vision and leadership are invaluable. If asked to describe a denturist, one would only have to say, Tad Burzynski! We are proud to spotlight Tad!